Life is short

Leave your anger n emotions
Speak to those loved ones whom yu have been avoiding
Don’t carry those hard feelings forever and regret later.
It kills.
If they are ur loved ones whom you cared and loved much.
If they yearns for your care n touch of ur love
then don’t hesitate and contact them immediately.
Before they leave this world.
Life is short.
You may not get a chance one more time.

It was my Grandma in dreams this mrng.
I missed her should have seen her once before she closed her eyes.
That pain kills me every time.
I was a reason for her to leave this world so soon.
I should have met her and brought back home. If i had done this she would been alive by now.
Getting through a hard phase of my life.
Coz never been the reason for someone’s life to end.
That thought kills me every now n then tears in bed before sleep.
Ippo nenanachi nenachi azharen.

Secondly i did this to my sister
Avoided her for last few yrs. Recently even after knowing she is pregnant i didn’t replied her met for once and blessed her.
And she just passed away right next day to delivery leaving a new born baby alone.

Whatever be i cant reach them now or speak a few words ask for a sorry. There is no Forgiveness for what i did and Everything is done.
I missed all those chance i could see them alive.